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Myself from Sri Sai Softnet have become so impressed with teaching of astrology from Institute of Astrology (Bhartiy Vidya Bhawan) that I have decided to undertake the mammoth task of spreading the teachings of our Devoted Learned Teachers of the institute for the benefit of society.

Teaching of our benevolent Guru Shri K.N. Rao sir, who has devoted his entire life for retrieving and reviving the ancient astrology science, need to be spread to entire society.

I will not hesitate to mention the name of my research guide Shri Manoj Pathak Sir, who’s teachings have in a way transformed my life. Now I have become so addicted to astrology that learning astrology for whole of my remaining life has become my goal.

This website is a result of the knowledge I have been gaining from all my teachers during my seven years association with them. Lately I have gained passion of reading all about astrology from all available sources. Now I desire to let others know what ever I have studied or am studying through this website.