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The name Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan does not need any Introduction. The thousands of Astrologers this institute have produced are living banners of this institute.

Whatever I have learnet about the History of the Institute of Astrology is only from the Silver Jubilee Souvenir released on completion of 25 years of this institute (1987-2012) in 2012,  When only I Just Joined this institute as a student of Alankar.

I am attaching the Preface of the Souvenir written by respected K.N Rao Sir, which in itself is sufficient to explain what Astrology  and this Institution is.





Our Motive

The motive of Starting this website is only "The promotion of knowledge gaind from the astrology institue for the benifit of Students and Astrologers". (Not limited to only the students of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan.)

As per the teaching of Respected K.N.Rao sir, our aim is to let the Astrologers use their knowledge for the purpose of  Guiding and Counseling  in the right direction to all who contact them for guidance.

We aim that Astrology Science should be used in right dirction for the service of society, rather than a tool for extracting money from the innocent persons who come to astrologers for guidence, when they are in trouble or a fix.

We wish that BVB astrologers should use the knowledge gained by them from the institute for eradication of miss concepts and fears of society, like Kaal Surp Dosh, Fobia of Sadhe Saati or Mangalik Dosh for Horoscope Matching.

A common fears for lot many things unnecessarily which in real sense has no sanctity. Society only needs guidence from our well educated astrologers for guiding them in right direction.

I trust this website will create a great liking for our students in the society even if they intend to opt astrology as profession.

I am sure globally astrologers of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan will get great recognition, more over ll who are listed on this website are going to get great professioal boost in the market also.







Contribution of Astrologers of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

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